Project Description


The Vermont Green Line Project is a 60-mile long HVDC electricity line to transmit New York wind power and hydro into the New England market. Total investment is in the $178MM to $189MM range.

The Project will build a $122-130m converter station in Beekmantown near the existing New York Power Authority’s Plattsburgh 115kV substation; install about three miles of cable in Lake Champlain until it passes into Vermont waters to be buried about 4-5 feet below the Lake bottom using a ‘jet plow’ to minimize disruption. The project was developed in response to an RPF issued by Southern NE states for transmission projects for newly developed sources of wind energy produced outside of the NE region. The project will create 149 construction jobs over a two to three year construction period; create 1-2 permanent full time jobs; will develop distributive/transmission infrastructure for the County’s wind energy sector; will develop potential new markets for new wind energy generation in the County; and will provide new tax revenues to the Beekmantown Central School District, the Town of Beekmantown and Clinton County. The County of Clinton IDA authorized the following benefits to the Vermont Green project: a 22 year PILOT Deviation that will provide a $31 million tax incentive that will be paired with $89 million PILOT payments to local taxing jurisdictions; $8.5 million in sales tax abatements on machinery and equipment; and a $2 million mortgage recording tax abatement. These projects will only be awarded if Vermont Green Line wins the bid. The decision on RFP bid award is anticipated by summer 2016.

Vermont Green Line Project Application
Vermont Green Line Project Application – Supplemental Information